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Please complete the form below to become a member of AEMV with the membership type Veterinarians . The dues payment for this membership type is  $155.00

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If you want your Clinic/Facility to appear when someone searches for an exotic mammal veterinarian, please make sure you enter your address in a way that the Google map can read it properly. If you do NOT want your Clinic/Facility to be displayed in the map, please click No below.

Personal information is NOT displayed at the AEMV website. It is used for administrative purposes only. Note that your address is required. If you prefer to use your facility address in these fields, that is fine, but we must have a personal address on file.

Journal of Exotic Pet Medicine (JEPM) Delivery
The Journal of Exotic Pet Medicine (JEPM) will be available electronically for all members. You have the option of receiving print copies of JEPM for an additional fee of $20 annually.
Your elected Board of Directors and Membership Committee gave careful and thoughtful consideration when reviewing this change. This important transition to electronic-only JEPM with your membership reflects a larger trend, with many journals moving rapidly toward electronic-only distribution. These dues changes will allow our continued forward momentum in providing more services and support for our members.

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