Given the number of animal emergencies that are occurring with increasing frequency
due to wildfires, natural disasters, humane confiscations, and others, the AEMV has
established a program to assist veterinarians and humane organizations. The program
is aimed at helping provide funding for medical care, food, and husbandry not only to
pets, but to wildlife, zoo animals or others displaced by such events. AEMV understands
that dealing with these emergencies and the large number of animals quickly puts a
strain on resources. AEMV can help support these animal rescue endeavors.

The application is available at It does not have to be filled out
by an AEMV member but should be filed from the veterinary team working with the
rescue organization. Requests for assistance should be for specific needs such as
medications, diagnostics, food, special husbandry needs (such as water bottles, litter
boxes, temporary cages, etc.). Funds from the AEMV will be provided based on need.

If you work with animal rescues, emergency teams, or even clinics that are involved in
rescue operations, please let them know of this program. Please keep this information
bookmarked in your browser, so that if an event happens, you can provide the
information quickly.

The application will be reviewed by the AEMV Board. The applicant will be notified of
the answer within 5 working days, as we realize that timing is critical.

We hope that in this way AEMV can make a difference in emergencies and disasters.

Cathy Johnson-Delaney, DVM
Chair, Welfare, Ethics and Legislative Committee
Member-at-Large, AEMV Board of Directors

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