Job Title: Wildlife Vet
Facility: CIWY Wildlife Rescue Centre
Date Expires: 10/01/2024

Comunidad Inti Wara Yassi is a registered Bolivian charity that rescues, rehabilitates and releases or provides a forever home in the jungle to wild animals that have fallen victim to the illegal wildlife trade or have been injured in fires, road accidents,….

The main species we care for are felines (jags, pumas, ocelots, margay, geoffrey cats), coatis, multiple species of parrots including macaws, monkeys (howlers, spiders, squirrels, capuchins, night monkeys), crab eating fox, ant eaters, rheas, armadillos, tortoises,….

Vet/head vet position: 1 year minimum position, we offer accommodation, meals and a small stipend

Vet assistant (ideal for vets with little experience and vet techs): 6 month minimum position, we cover accommodation and meals

Volunteer vet (for vets with experience that can’t commit to longer periods of time): minimum stay of 2 months, accommodation and meals covered

If you’re interested please send your CV and a cover letter to

If you have any queries feel free to email me on

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