Provide para professional support for the Avian, Exotic, and Zoological medicine department. Perform diagnostic procedures, perform anesthesia, therapeutic treatments, and provide instruction to veterinary students, interns, and residents. The position is a fully operational technologist performing specialized patient care.

Minimum Qualifications
To be considered for this position, applicants must have:
An associate’s degree from an accredited college or university in veterinary/animal health technology AND two years of experience assisting in animal surgery, administering anesthesia to animals and/or performing veterinary procedures.

Please Note If using education to meet the minimum qualifications, an unofficial transcript must be attached at the time of application.

Two years of experience, as defined in the minimum qualifications, will substitute for each year of required education. A bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree from an accredited college or university in veterinary/animal health technology will substitute for the associate’s degree and, at the agency’s discretion, the two years of experience.

Preferred Qualifications
Highly sought applicants will have many of the following:
Previous experience with non traditional species.
Demonstrated experience with communicating effectively with clients. students, faculty and multiple constituents..
Ability to maintain calm and composure under high stress situations.
Ability to teach DVM students and interns in the technical aspects, formal labs and on a patient demand basis.

At the Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital, we exist to educate the next generation of veterinarians by providing exceptional veterinary care and service to the community. This work unit exists to instruct professional veterinary students, provide nursing care to patients, collect blood/tissue samples for evaluation, perform anesthetic and surgical procedures, perform physical examinations, maintain accurate medical records, provide an environment for clinical related research, and to provide clear and accurate information to the clients whose pets are hospitalized. The Avian, Exotic, and Zoological (AEZ) Medicine Unit provides examination, diagnostic, and therapeutic management for non-traditional species presented to Colorado State University Teaching Hospital.

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