Memberships & Pricing

AEMV offers the following memberships:

  • Veterinarian ($200)
  • Veterinary Intern, Veterinary Resident & Graduate Student ($120)
  • Veterinary Technician/Nurse ($100)
  • Veterinary & Tech Student (FREE*)
  • Veterinary & Tech Student with Journal Online-Only Access ($25)
  • Retired Professional ($120)
  • Affiliate Professional ($200)
  • Printed Journal addition: $60 ($15/issue)

All monetary amounts are in US dollars.

AEMV is pleased to offer reduced membership rates to veterinarians located in countries where the local purchasing power is significantly different when compared to the US dollar. Upon joining, if your country qualifies, when you select your country of origin, the price will auto-adjust to the equivalent of US $55.  CLICK HERE for a list of countries that DO NOT qualify for the discount.

The AEMV membership year runs from July 1 – June 30. Please note, AEMV does NOT prorate membership dues. If you join on June 25, you will be charged again on July 1. 

*Student Members do not receive access to JEPM online with a free membership. Students do have the ability to add online access to their membership for $25. Students may also purchase the print journal edition for $60.

Become a Member

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