The Benjamin & Bella Rabbit Research Grant

In addition to the AEMV Research Fund, AEMV is pleased to have partnered with members of the general public who have a profound interest in the education, care and research of pet rabbits. The Benjamin and Bella Rabbit Research Grant (named for the donors’ pet rabbits) awards up to a maximum of $5,000 per winning submission.

Priority will be given to proposals making a meaningful contribution to the care of rabbits and the research presented may not end with the termination of the animal. Other species may be considered if an appropriate rabbit survival protocol is not identified. Proposals must increase the knowledge of the veterinarians seeing a predominately rabbit clientele, must be fully completed at the level of requested funding, and be likely to result in presentation at a scientific conference and publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

AEMV members are given first priority.

Click here to download the application and proposal submission guidelines. Click here to download the application and checklist. Submissions are due Wednesday, May 15. Email your completed application to AEMV.

Click here to view the list of previous award recipients.

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